Where the Prairies meet the Rocky Mountains

Only in the past hundred years has Alberta seen people settle, before that the province was primarily uninhabited wilderness. Today, Alberta is home to two of Canada’s largest cities and is covered by huge wheat fields, cattle ranches and mineral and fossil fuel mines. Alberta sits on the western side of the Prairies, and the Rocky Mountains rise from the flat lands on the west of the province.

Calgary is home to many of Canada’s national corporations, second only to Toronto. The office lined streets are ranked as the cleanest in the world. The southern city’s rising population of over 1.2 million people draws in the tourists from across the world. Banff and the Rocky Mountains are visible to the west of the city.

Edmonton is spread out along the winding North Saskatchewan River and attracts tourists due to its proximity to Jasper and the Rockies. Despite many of the city’s attractions and points of interest, the most famous part to Edmonton is the West Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in North America, and it is massive! The mall covers over 48 hectares and contains over 800 stores and many other attractions such as a huge water park, amusement parks, Deep Sea environments, themed streets and so much more.

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