Drumheller is located in the Badlands in Southern Alberta.  It is a remarkable place to visit as if you have been transported back in time to a land of the dinosaurs.  The area around Drumheller is a meld of buttes, gulleys, gulches and canyons that have formed through erosion over 70 million years, resulting in the stunning multicoloured layers of sandstone, mudstone, shale and coal.

Drumheller is unique, the city is a mixture of rolling hills sandwiched in between the harsh and barren coulees, hoodoos and canyons.  The land is incapable of agriculture and hence the ancient world referred to this area as the “badlands”.  However, Drumheller has been a treasure trove of dinosaur remains, often called “dinosaur capital of the world”.  Some of the most exciting dinosaur finds have occurred here, including multiple full skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Aside from its infamous dinosaurs, the Badlands has become a huge part of Alberta folklore, as it has provided a place of protection and shelter for the Blackfoot and Cree people from the elements, not to mention perfect hideaways for outlaws.  This is a perfect attraction for travellers looking for a different experience to the surrounding prairie wheat fields.

Drumheller has a young demographic.  In the summer you can easily join the locals at the local splash park, swimming pool, tennis courts and the many parks across the city.


  • Dinosaur species discovered: 150
  • Age of Red Deer River Valley: 13,000 years
  • Notable features:  Badlands, hoodoos, canyons, coulees
  • Drumheller was named after Samuel Drumheller who won a coin toss against Thomas Greentree

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