Lethbridge, Alberta’s third largest city, is located just over one hundred kilometres north of the American border and 216 kilometres southeast of Calgary. Formerly the infamous whiskey trading post, Fort Whoop-up, Lethbridge has grown from a coal-mining town to the dynamic city it is now, with a university, a Japanese garden, and sights to interest visitors of all interests.

The people of Lethbridge celebrate both what the city was and what it has become. The Fort Whoop-up Interpretive Centre highlights the community’s wilder days, while the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens mark the diversity of the modern city. Lethbridge has two art centres, as well as a museum and archives where visitors can find information on the city’s past. Travellers can also enjoy the city’s modern face in the restaurants, hotels, and other amenities available in Lethbridge.

The landscape around Lethbridge is one of its most striking features. The city is set on the banks of the Oldman River amid coulees, the large, rolling hills typical of many parts of southern Alberta. At the Helen Schuler Coulee Centre, visitors can find out more about this distinctive landform, or just hike along the many trails branching out from the building. Children will also enjoy visiting with the centre’s pet crow. For hiking, history, and more, Lethbridge is a place where visitors can feel at home.

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