Exciting, Enchanting, Effortless: Canada Timeshare

By Jesse McMahon   sellmytimesharenow.com

There are so many things to do and see in Canada. This expansive country has countless destinations that feature fun and exciting activities.
Canada is also plentiful with luxurious timeshares. The different types of timeshare accommodations allow you to visit all the Canadian sites you want with the convenience of vacation real estate nearby.

Excellent Locations
When choosing vacation property you have several options. There are resort condos, slope-side villas, campgrounds, lodges and more. You might be better off deciding where you want to go first, and then finding the corresponding time share. In other words, because timeshares are so affluent in Canada, you can determine what kind of vacation you want before procuring accommodations.

For an idea of some different options you have available to you, here a few types of timeshares in Canada.

Lakeside timeshares are great for the warmer months. Kayaking, fishing and swimming might not be the first activities that come to mind when considering a vacation in Canada, but the natural surroundings are perfectly suited for outdoors enthusiasts all year long. Here's a little
tip: you may find discounted prices at ski resorts that also sit on lakes. Off-peak rates are usually considerably less than high peak seasons. Going to a ski resort during the summer may sound strange, however, in addition to all the lake activities some of these resorts have golf courses and mountain biking trails after the snow has gone.

timeshares are good for camping trips. An RV or campground site allows you to indulge in the small charm and the stunning wilderness. Taking advantage of Canada's pristine scenic beauty is no small task, but an RV or campground membership can get you as close as you want to be. For those who love the outdoors, this sort of timeshare can allocate the experience of a lifetime.

Slope-side timeshares are as abundant as slopes in Canada. Because of the natural layout of the land, Canada has become one of the top ski destinations in the world. Resort mountains such as Mont Tremblant, Whistler-Blackcomb and Blue Mountain are all incredible and world-renowned ski locales that feature fine dining, small shops, great nightlife, spas, bars and timeshares in the middle of it all.
Metropolitan timeshares are located in places like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. These cities have a lot to offer. Aside from the usual city activities, Canada's premier metropolitan timeshares are great for being immersed in the unique culture, rich history and friendly atmosphere that Canada is known for.

Low Cost Opportunities
A timeshare is not just a timeshare; they are unique in many ways.

Certainly they vary by resort, region and amenities, however, timeshares also vary by price. The aforementioned variables impact rates, but not as much as ownership. Who owns the timeshare has the most influence on the cost of purchasing a timeshare. If you buy directly from the resort you can expect to pay up to 60% more than purchasing resale. A timeshare resale is the same exact property that the resort will offer, except you purchase from an existing owner. For sale and for rent by owner properties are safe, easy and affordable. Which brings up the other option for cost-efficient timesharing. Timeshare rentals allow you to try the timeshare lifestyle without being contractually obligated to own the property. Renting from existing buyers gives you the same advantages as purchasing resale. Canada and timeshares go together too well to be overlooked.

About the author

Jesse McMahon was born and raised in New England and resides happily with his family on the seacoast.

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