Information and facts about Lake Louise

Lake Louise is in the Mountain Standard Time / MST time zone (GMT -7)

Elevation: 1,536 m (5,039 feet)
Latitude: 51.418756
Longitude: -116.218762

Facts about Lake Louise

The elevation of Lake Louise is 1,536 m (5,039 feet), the highest permanent settlement in Canada.

3 million: the number of people who visit each year.

11,000: B.C., the year that humans discovered Banff, according to archaeologists.

8300: the number of permanent residents in the Town of Banff.

6600: in square kilometres, the size of Banff National Park.

3612: the number, in metres (11,850 feet), of Mt. Forbes the highest mountain totally within the park seen from North Saskatchewan River Crossing along the Icefields Parkway.

2600: the estimated number of mountain goats.

1990: the year that Banff became a self-governing municipality within the province of Alberta.

1909: skiing is introduced in Lake Louise and Banff by Swiss and Austrian mountain guides.

1900: the population of the Hamlet of Lake Louise in the summer 1500 in the winter.

1884: Banff was named after the town of Banffshire, Scotland by Lord Steven, a former CPR director.

1885: the year Banff National Park was established, the first in Canada and third in the world.

1882: Horse outfitter Tom Wilson, with guidance from a Stoney Indian, discovered Lake Louise.

1000: the estimated number of elk.

80: the estimated number of grizzly bears there are between 50 and 60 black bears.

51: the number of hotels 5349 beds.

50: the estimated number of wolves.

12: golf courses within a short drive, including the only one in the park at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

7: the number of national historic sites the most within any Canadian national park.

3: the number of ski resorts Banff Mount Norquay, Sunshine Village and the Lake Louise Mountain Resort, with 200 kilometres of trails spread over 7,748 acres.

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