British Columbia - why go?

There are as many reasons to visit BC as there are visitors, but here's a taste:

11.35 million hectares (28,046,460 acres), 11.8 per cent of the province, is protected in parks, conservancies, ecological reserves, and recreation areas.

BC is home to more fauna than any other part of Canada. In all, 142 animal, 488 bird, 18 reptile, 22 amphibian, 83 freshwater fish, and 368 saltwater fish species live in or travel through the province.

Sports & Adventure
BC has almost 200 golf courses (and is a PGA golf tour destination), more than 30 full-service downhill ski resorts (including Whistler, a venue city of the 2010 Olympic & ParlalympicWinter Games), and more than 3,500 km (2,174 miles) of hiking trails.

BC's 37 river systems, more than 2,200 lakes, 27,000 km (16,780 miles) of coastline, and 18,000 square km (6,949 square miles) of inland waters welcome boaters, fishers, river rafters, beachcombers, and scuba divers.

If someone has tried it, you can probably do it here. BC has facilities for, among other things, bungy jumping, caving, gold panning, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, mountaineering, river rafting, rock climbing, surfing, whale watching, and windsurfing.

Food & Drink
In BC, some of North America's most fertile land and water meet culinary influences from around the world. The results? From caribou to chanterelles, cedar plank salmon to micro-brewed ale, the local fare is rich and varied; the restaurants cosmopolitan and affordable. BC is wine country too: about 90 wineries concentrated in two regions welcome visitors -- and win awards.

Aboriginal Culture
First Nations are represented by more than 30 Nations and 197 communities in BC. Throughout the province, museums and archaeological sites display ancient treasures; cultural sites and galleries illuminate modern day art and culture.

British Columbia Features

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