Information and facts about Kamloops

The population of Kamloops is 85,000

Kamloops is in the Pacific Standard Time / PST time zone (GMT -8)

Latitude: 50.690833
Longitude: -120.331965

Visitor Information Centre

Tourism Kamloops

Phone: (250) 372-8000
Tollfree: 1 (866) 372-8081
1290 West Trans Canada Highway
Kamloops BC
V2C 6R3

Facts about Kamloops

Kamloops is the warmest city in Canada

Sunny Skies - 2,047 hours annual average

Annual Rainfall - 217.9 mm

Annual Snowfall - 75.5 cm

Elevation - 347 m (1,140 ft) (Thompson River Intake)

Growing Season - 166 days

Population - Close to 85,000 people

Economic Drivers - tourism, agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing/retail, high tech

One of only two places in Canada where the two national railways (CP and CN) intersect in city limits

Hub of four major highways: HWY 5A, HWY 5 (Yellowhead), HWY 1 (Trans Canada), HWY 97

Time and Standard Days - Pacific Standard Time; Monday through Friday are standard workdays and Saturday and Sunday the weekend.

City Area: 311 sq km (120 sq m)

Latitude: 50 41' 40" N

Longitude: 120 27' W

Location: 250 km (155 miles) north of US (Washington) border; 310 km (193 miles) northeast of Vancouver; 4,387 km (2,726 miles) west of Toronto


Q: Where are the sani-stations in Kamloops?
A: Parking lot of Visitor Information Centre, Gateway Travel Centre, PetroCan Travel Centre, Halston

Q: Kamloops is always sunny, right?
A: Kamloops is an extremely sunny area, boasting over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year, spread over all four seasons, We get enough rainfall and snow to balance the heat, making for lush valleys, agricultural land, abundant water, and best of all, great opportunities for all sorts of outdoor activities!

Q: Where is Kamloops anyways?
A: Kamloops is centrally located in the South-Central Interior region of British Columbia, Canada. It is a major hub: it is located between the large cities of Edmonton in the North; Calgary to the East; and Seattle and Vancouver to the West. Kamloops is approximately 4 hours inland from the West Coast of British Columbia.

Q: How many hotels/motels/inns does Kamloops have in total?
A: Kamloops has approximately 50 hotels/motels/inns, not including Bed and Breakfasts. This is just within the city limits of Kamloops, not surrounding areas.

Q: How many times does Rocky Mountaineer Vacations visit Kamloops each year?
A: The Rocky Mountaineer train comes through Kamloops starting from the middle of April to the middle of October each year.

Q: How is the City of Kamloops organized?
A: Kamloops has a City Hall, Mayor and eight City Councilors. The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD), Venture Kamloops, and Tourism Kamloops are all part of shaping Kamloops, as well as through public and private enterprise.

Q: Where do our visitors come from?
A: Visitors to Kamloops mainly come from Europe, Asia, Oceana (South Pacific), and the rest of North America. In the past couple years there have been an increasing amount of travelers from China and South America.

Q: What is the future of accommodations in Kamloops?
A: Kamloops is a city growing in economic profile with a developing and strengthening tourism industry, creating an attractive city to visit. This makes for adequate revenue to support existing properties.

Q: What is the impact of meeting and conventions in Kamloops?
A: Kamloops has a strong meetings and conventions clientele; therefore, it creates a solid revenue stream for the City. Many types of groups are attracted to the city due to its central location, facilities and ability to support large influxes of people.

Q: Where can I find more information on travel to Kamloops?
A: You can find this information on our website or through the Kamloops Visitor Centre.

Q: How do we get to a certain lake?
A: Please stop by the Visitor Information Centre at 1290 West Trans Canada Highway for directions or visit

Q: Where can we hike/bike here? Trail Maps?
A: Stop off at the Visitor Information Centre at 1290 West Trans Canada Highway for directions, recommendations and maps. Local outdoor activity shops are also good.

Q: Are there any tours of Kamloops available?
A: Stop by for a map and feel free to explore on your own. For a more animated, guided tour, TOUR WITH US is a great choice.

Q: How do I get to and from Kamloops?
A: Kamloops has four major highways passing through, is home to charter and Greyhound buses, and has a thoroughly equipped airport, featuring commercial flights to major centres including Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary, as well as charter flights.

Q: What is the demographic profile of visitors to Kamloops?
A: Kamloops attracts visitors of all ages because we have great opportunities for families, kids, couples, weekenders, retirees, and young people.

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