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Vancouverís location in the south-western part of Canada, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, creates a unique and interesting area for a dynamic and attractive city to develop. Vancouver benefits from the enchantment of being surrounded by a diverse and stunning natural environment. A city located between mountains and the sea has a special attraction to visitors and is a great place to live for residents. The 200 destination parks, sea walks, beaches, botanical gardens, small neighborhood parks and a nice variety of golf courses also augment the natural beauty of this city. The parks are excellent locations for all kinds of sports and family activities and kids and adults alike enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings and the crisp fresh air.

Vancouver is Host City of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the attractiveness of the city does not stop here. Vancouver's English Bay is an excellent vacation spot. Spending some relaxing time on the English Bay or on any other of Vancouverís well-preserved beaches is fun and rewarding, while the locals are always cheerful and helpful.

If you wish to hide away from the sun for a few hours, Stanley Park is certainly the number one destination. This amazing park, with majestic trees and dozens of activities and places where you can have fun, is locate near the city core, creating a oasis of peace and relaxation. Donít miss the Brockton Visitor Centre, located in the West Coast rainforest in Stanley Park and enjoy the wildlife that populates the area.

Capturing Vancouverís beauty in just a few words is difficult and you should be there yourself to notice eagles flying over residential neighbourhoods, to breathe the fresh air (a unique mixture of crisp mountain air and the ocean breeze) and to enjoy the company of the warm and friendly local population.

Vancouver is a year-round destination with a wealth of offerings for every visitor.

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