How to get to Whistler

The closest city to Whistler is Vancouver and the drive between the two takes about 2 hours the distance being of 115 km/70 miles. The highway 99 is the one you have to take from Vancouver and it is commonly referred to as the “Sea to Sky” Highway. This road has also been recently voted as being the most romantic road in the world. During the winter season you might want to use snow tires or even chains on your vehicle. You are strongly advised to use your road sense and be very cautious, as you want to arrive safely in the resort so that you can enjoy what it has to offer. Getting to Whistler from Vancouver is quite easy if you follow the instructions. From the airport you have to fallow the Hwy 99 North signs which takes you up Granville Street. Once on this road you have to take the Seymour Street exit and then turn left onto Georgia Street (through Vancouver). You have to exit this street on the Lions Gate Bridge and take the Marine Drive West. After this you have to take the first right onto Taylor way and then take the Highway 1. Once on Highway 1 you have to follow to signs towards Exit 2, which will take you to Whistler.

The roads in this area are safe and have recently been modernized, thus the drive to Whistler is very enjoyable. However, the Canadian regulations may slightly differ from the ones you are from. Thus we are going to provide you with some useful information that you should take into consideration while on the road:
- The speed limit is 80 km per hour (the speed limit is always specified in the metric system) / 50 miles per hour;
- You are obligated to fasten your seat belts at any time;
- Headlights must be used even during daylight;
- Take into consideration that the roads here may be slippery at all times, even during the summer season;
- You must use infant car seats for the children weighing under 9 kg / 20 pounds.

Of course, there are also many buses that can take you from Vancouver to Whistler Resort and all you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful drive in the coach’s comfort. Usually these coaches take you directly from the airport or any other station to your accommodation in the resort. If you decide to take a coach you don’t have to worry about your ski equipment as they provide plenty of room for your ski and snowboards. You should know that most airport coaches are only for airport passengers and that you should make sure to be there in 15 minutes after your arrival. Most people consider the coaches as being the easiest and most carefree way to get from Vancouver to Whistler.

Helicopter services to Whistler are also offered from Vancouver International Airport. This is the quickest way but also the most expensive.

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