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Whistler is a very complex tourist resort where you can enjoy all kinds of activities. Once you get there you might find it very useful to visit the Tourism Whistler Activity and Information Centre where you will be given a complete list of Whistler activities, tours, events, maps, and other recommendations. The resort is mostly famous for its skiing and snowboarding that are available 9 months of the year.

We are going to give you some suggestions for some outdoor activities that we are sure you are going to find exciting and thrilling. Some of these activities are available only in Whistler during the snowy months. We are going to help you take advantage of all the opportunities this resort offers because as some of you may know, Whistler is all about the experience. You can even experience some extreme things that you have never dreamed of doing, such as climbing up a frozen waterfall of ice.

One of the most popular activities in Whistler is bald eagle viewing. There are tour busses that you can take and which will give you a 45 minutes ride south of Whistler to the highest concentration of bald eagles in the world. The best time to watch these birds is from November to February. Another sought after activity in Whistler is bungee jumping, which has become very common in the last few years, not being considered such an extreme thing anymore. Lots of people have tried it even grandparents. If you love this or if you simply want to try it, you will surely have the time of your life in Whistler. However, one of the most interesting winter activities in Whistler is definitely the night skiing and snowboarding. You can enjoy the “night moves” every Thursday, Friday and Saturday till 4th of March. The view of the Blackcomb Mountain is spectacular in the nightlights.

Whistler is not only a winter resort, although this is why it is the most famous for. The resort is a natural all seasons playground where tourists can enjoy the crisp-mountain air, the wonderful clear lakes and the spectacular emerald forests. You can always do something fun in Whistler whether you are experiencing a thrilling adventure or you just spend some relaxing time listening to nature and admiring the magnificent scenery. The usual summer activities are sightseeing up the Whistler Gondola, golf, mountain biking, spa treatments, rafting and many more. Another thing that you can do for fun in this resort is shopping. Whistler is a town of only 10,000 people, but you can be sure that you can find everything you need. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs or equipment (ski/snowboard, bathing suits, camp supplies) or if you are looking for something more stylish you can always purchase high fashion apparel or even classy jewellery.

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