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Whistler Resort is one of the most popular resorts in British Columbia, Canada. It is a great romantic getaway from the city of Vancouver. The resort’s biggest tourist attraction is the incredible natural outdoor setting. Whistler area is considered to be one of the best ski destinations ever. Another great thing about this place is that you can enjoy all the conveniences and facilities of a city and, at the same time, you find yourself quite close to the mountains’ wilderness. In this respect, you will find that one of the most incredible experiences while in Whistler is to see a bear. Of course, the best way to do this is by joining a Nature Tour, which will give you the opportunity to find out a lot of things bout the untamed wilderness that surrounds the resort and also about bears’ habitat and local ecology. The Whistler surroundings are quite famous for being the habitat home for bears, cougars, deer, rabbits and all sorts of birds and fish. Most tourists come here to admire the rich wildlife.

The name of the resort comes from marmots (rock dwelling mountain rodents) because of the sound these animals make when they warn other animals that danger is approaching. This sound is sharp and clear and it is quite similar to a whistle. This place has been the home of many species of animals, birds and fish before humans have settled in the region. There were people living in this area thousands of years before the Europeans have settled in. This place is also known as the Whistler Valley and along the centuries it preserved its heavenly, natural look probably because it was quite isolated, its wilderness being disturbed for many years only by the Lil’wat Nation and the Squamish Nation. But Whistler is mostly famous because its connections with the First Nation’s people who brought this region to an incredible development. At times Whistler hosts a Summer First Nation’s festival, Weetama, where people remember First Nation’s celebrations, dances, food and culture.

Some of the most wonderful things about Whistler are its waterfalls. When spring comes the snow from the mountains starts to melt and after heavy rains the waterfalls pour out from the mountain peaks and cascade over the cliffs. Thus, they form beautiful sights that one can never get enough of. The BrandywineFalls is one of the most tremendous sights in the Whistler area. It plunges from a height of 70 meters / 230 feet and it has a horseshoe shape that makes the waterfall even more impressing. Brandywine Falls is a magnificent nature monument and it worth visiting no matter the season, even during the cold season because the ice is offering a spectacular show too. This great sight is located about 20 minutes away from Whistler. The most popular waterfalls though, are the ShannonFalls. They are quite popular because they give the impression of a wall of water spray falling off the mountain.

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