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Whistler is one of the most popular ski resorts in Canada and this is largely because of the climate in the region. The winter is perfect for skiing in Whistler - the temperatures are high and the snow levels are perfect. In fact, Whistler has the highest temperatures from all Canadian ski resorts. With an average temperature of -6 degrees Celsius at the summit of the mountain in February, the climate seems to be created especially for skiing. The two mountains in the area, Whistler and Blackcomb, are more than excellent locations for ski enthusiasts. They also help form a depression in which the climate stays constant and abrupt weather changes are rarely observed.

The proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the structure of the mountains in the region make Whistler a weather paradise, both in winter and in summer time. The temperatures are also higher in springtime, and it seems that Whistler is among the first Canadian regions to come to life after a long winter. The summer weather is quite predictable, thus creating perfect opportunities for outdoor activities, such as fishing, white water rafting, hiking or outdoor sports. The nearby glaciers and the warm currents coming from the Pacific Ocean create the perfect climate all year long, regardless of the activities you have in mind.

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