April 16 - North Bay to Sudbury, Ontario

This morning I woke early, just as the sun was coming up. It was to be a long and busy day. Once my bag was packed I took the city bus for the last time downtown and then over to Northgate Mall where I met some friends for breakfast. Sort of like a last supper I guess!

I took the Greyhound bus along the highway for 3 hours to Sudbury. I was to meet the world famous VIA Rail Canada train “The Canadian” to head west.

Sudbury Junction railroad station is located about 15km out of the city along an old dirty road. I was dubious that the taxi driver knew where he was going, but the tiny VIA signs were some kind of consolation. The small shed of a station sat where the CN and CP rail tracks meet but apart from the tracks, bush is all that is in sight.

I talked with an elderly woman who was telling me of her travels across the world while I sat in the baking sun waiting for the train. About 30 minutes before the train was due a surge of people suddenly poured into the station building and the small deck in front.

At 4pm, later than planned, the train pulled into the station, which was nothing more than 20m of track level concrete. The famous Canadian transcontinental train had arrived and the next step of my journey had begun.

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