April 18 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

The moment I stepped out of the hotel onto the street, I realised I had dramatically underestimated Winnipeg. As I took a short walk to get some breakfast I was immediately struck by the architectural diversity the urban streets of Winnipeg had to offer.

I nipped into Portage Place, the city’s largest mall, to grab a quick bit to eat before I set off to explore. I was more than a little surprised to see Christmas decorations all over the mall, a Santa’s grotto and a huge Christmas tree in the main lobby area. Had they not taken them down yet or were they getting there early? Apparently the movie “Christmas Rush” was about to be filmed there or at least, that is the excuse they were giving. Canada is being chosen by filmmakers from around the world because of the low cost implications along with the variety of places to film.

I decided first of all I would head to the Museum of Man and Nature in the northern area of downtown. This museum has everything from the dinosaurs to native aboriginals of Canada. There was a lot to see and it was obviously popular with schools. I think there were about 5 different school classes there at the same time as me, so the place was a bit busy.

During the afternoon I walked back down Main Street to Portage Avenue. Portage and Main is known as the coldest corner in Canada. The wind blows down through the tall buildings and off the Red and Assiniboine Rivers making for an extra –15 degrees on top of the often already freezing wind-chill factor. I spent about 4 hours wandering the streets admiring the most varied architecture I have ever come across. Every single building was completely different to the next. Everything from classic 1900 North American 10 storey office buildings to modern, 1980s skyscrapers. But this is just touching the surface. Apartment buildings, churches, government offices, the railroad station, hotels, you name it, it was a sight. See my Architecture of Winnipeg photo gallery to see some of the many pictures I took.

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