April 19 - Winnipeg, Manitoba to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The train to Saskatoon didn’t leave until 4pm so I took the walk to the station and then right through out to the other side of the building where the two rivers meet. This widely successful redeveloped area is known as The Forks. Historic shops, old railroad cars, museums, art centres and recreational areas fill the site.

I went into the historic shops mall and spent an hour or so just wandering through. I decided to go and sit outside in the huge conservatory while I waited for the train. As I went in, I could hear a band playing right outside so I decided that outside would be a better place to sit and wait.

The temperature had dropped rapidly from the 25-30 degree weather I had been experiencing over the week. As I sat in the sun with the many onlookers, reporters and TV crews, the –5 degree weather was beginning to make itself apparent.

Winnipeg is known for its very community active gay community and this was one of the many events they put on all the time. The performers, which included, dancers, singers and bands, were all award winning. It is always great to come across little hubs of activity like this that are often put on at the spur of the moment.

When I boarded the train to head on west to Saskatoon it was late in the afternoon. The sun doesn’t set here until late in the evening so I sat up in the skyline car’s observation dome for most of the trip.

Crossing the Prairies, the scenery consisted of fields, a few rivers, many grain silos and a few towns dotted along the tracks which are the hubs for farming communities. As the train crossed into Saskatchewan, the sun set in spectacular fashion, which just goes to show, they don’t call Saskatchewan ‘the land of living skies’ for nothing.

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