April 21 - Saskatoon to Regina, Saskatchewan

Heading south from Saskatoon to Regina, this was my first trip across the open Prairies by bus. So far I have covered this area of the country by train.

The Saskatchewan Transport Company, known as ‘The Bus Company’, provided the 4-hour ride through the wide-open spaces occupied only by railroad tacks and farms. Every now and again the bus would pass through a small town but apart from that there was not a lot to see.

Arriving in Regina the clouds had begun to cover the sky and just like in Saskatoon, the place seemed abandoned. Sundays are not a day where people in Saskatchewan are to be found outside it seems, even if the weather is really nice.

Turning down Broad Street the bus driver turned to me and in my astonishment, he said “Is it the next block or where do I go for the depot?” Hmmmm!!!! Fortunately a woman sat behind me stepped in and showed him the way. What do you make of being asked the way by they bus driver? Well, we all got there in the end.

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