April 22 - Regina, Saskatchewan

A good Canadian style ham and egg bagel provided breakfast as I headed off into the baking hot weather (again). I decided to take a walk down to Wascana Park which is a huge park land area around the south of Regina.

Across the lake in the park sits the Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Building. A beautiful English Renaissance style built in 1908 and containing structures and interior fittings made from 34 types of marble collected from all over the world. The cool interior was a welcome from the increasing heat outside. I was given a tour around the building and was able to sit in the gallery while the legislature was in session. One of the main topics being discussed was the death of a military serviceman in Afghanistan who came from Saskatchewan. Flags can be seen across Canada being flown at half mast in respect for the 4 Canadian’s killed in action, not seen in Canada since the Second World War.

As the tour ended I had already given up that I was coming from Scotland and travelling coast to coast, the guide, Theresa, suggested that we go out and I meet up with her brother who has just come back from Scotland.

After a wander around the city and rather a long walk I met Theresa, her friend Brad and brother Ian at a pub downtown. It was quite strange to be so far from Scotland yet hearing someone describe the layout of Inverness to me. It was great to meet some new people, which should never be referred to as ‘locals’.

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