April 23 - Regina, Saskatchewan

The transit system in Regina seems to run in figure of eights across the city. With this in mind I decided to go to the RCMP Depot and Training Base out on the northwestern side of the city. This bus first of all headed east and then south around the University of Regina. I took the extra long detour so I could see a bit more of the city before ending up where I wanted to go. This took a lot longer than I though!

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Mounties) are Canada’s federal police force and are charged with federal responsibilities such as efforts against drugs and counter-terrorism. The RCMP also cover provincial policing similar to the State Police in the US, but they also make up the police detachments in towns and villages.

Regina is the home to the RCMP training academy, which is used by the RCMP and many other Canadian federal police forces. A historic museum about the force is located on the edge of the base and I spent a good period of time having a look around and learning of the impressive history of maintaining peace in Canada during the pioneer days right up to present day.

Just as I was leaving the museum I was told of a tour around the base. This doesn’t happen very often so there was no way I was going to miss that. The guide took the small group of Canadians and me to the building next to the museum first. This is a small chapel, which is the oldest building in Regina. After explaining about the history of the RCMP in detail we were led through various buildings and were able to witness march training, cadets in fitness and coordination training, and a cadet being sprayed in the face with pepper spray! This is done so every officer knows exactly what it feels like. I could feel it from the expression on the poor guy’s face! Ouch!

Later that evening I met up with Theresa, Brad and Ian again at a coffee shop. We sat and chatted for quite a while. 2 of Ian’s friends came in by chance too and we all had a good laugh.

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