April 24 - Regina, Saskatchewan to Calgary, Alberta

Arriving at the bus terminal I discovered that the journey to Calgary was going to take longer than I thought… much longer! The bus left at midday and was not scheduled to arrive for another 10 and a half hours!

Looking out the window while travelling across Canada has been an amazing experience, to see all the different scenery go past… until now. The scenery between Regina and Calgary has to be the most monotonous ever. It was the same from the minute the bus left the city limits until the sun set. Incredible!

However the scenery is not everything in Canada. The weather is something out of the extraordinary. The first stop from Regina was Moose Jaw and shortly after leaving there the wind picked up and along with it lots of tumble weed. Soon their were sand and dust storms, some where huge and over a kilometre in length. The sun set was something else, seeing the colours over the Prairies, where there is more sky than anywhere else due to the complete flatness of the landscape. Another highlight while travelling the 800km between cities was the wildlife. I saw Bison for the first time on the Prairies and also a lone porcupine wandering down the highway. I never realised how large porcupines are. This one was about a metre long and 50cm tall.

The bus stopped at the city of Medicine Hat so everyone could receive some refreshments and exercise. Medicine Hat is quite and interesting place and with quite an interesting history.

When the bus finally arrived into Calgary the view of the skyline at night was a very impressive sight to see.

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