April 25 - Calgary, Alberta

Calgary was recently awarded the status of ‘Cleanest City in the World’. Everywhere you go in Calgary you can see how much the city deserved this status. Street litter is nowhere to be seen, the air is clean and fresh and everything has a very clean feel to it.

The Calgary Light Rapid Transit train (C-Train) stop was right opposite the front door to where I was staying so I took the C-Train downtown. This is German built street train system, which runs on rails located along roads and has its own stations at the side of the street.

My first place to visit was the Calgary Tower, a recognisable structure on the skyline. The Calgary Tower is as tall as the skyscrapers in the city and gives an excellent view from its location just to the south of all the high rise buildings so the view is not obscured apart from to the north.

From the tower I decided to talk a walk around the downtown area and ended up heading to Eau Claire Market in the northern area of downtown. This is an interesting shopping arcade where I breakfasted while a large wind band played in the food court.

I hopped back onto the C-Train and headed out to Calgary’s famous zoo. I was amazed at the different areas the zoo has including its incredible recreation of a prehistoric landscape featuring various dinosaurs! (Check out the pictures of Calgary Zoo Prehistoric Park). An area of about 35 acres has been landscaped using plants and vegetation from the age of the dinosaurs. The rock formations, lakes, volcanic deposits and caves are home to dinosaurs dotted about the place.

The rest of the zoo was equally as impressive. Animals from across the world, many unique to Calgary Zoo, were all out enjoying the sun. Many of the enclosures were designed so they could be entered by the public, which was something special, but also a bit daunting when a Bald Eagle is sat about 5m away looking not so impressed.

A huge area dedicated to the animals native to Canada was the last park in the zoo I visited an unfortunately my camera battery ran out just as I arrived at this part. Wolves, bison, otters, beavers, lynx, cougars, bears and moose were all very active. I was amazed at the size of the moose I saw. This one was not even fully grown yet there was at least 5 foot from the ground to its underside meaning it stood at about 9 feet tall.

From the zoo I went back downtown and into TD Square where there is a huge garden located on the 4th floor of this office building. The gardens complete with over 20,000 plants, ponds, rivers with fish and turtles occupy the whole floor of the block size building. It is quite a unique place to visit and was busy with many of the people who work in the buildings nearby having their late lunch breaks.

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