April 26 - Calgary, Alberta

The 25-degree weather of the day before had definitely disappeared. When I looked out my window I was more than just a little surprised to see 4cm of snow on the ground. The temperature had dropped 32 degrees and was sitting just about –7.

From the C-Train stop on 7th Avenue I headed for the nearest building. In many Canadian cities the office buildings have a collection of shops on the ground floor. In Calgary the shops were located on either the first floor or both the first and ground floors linked by what are called Plus 15s. These are walkways across the streets linking every building in the city centre through the first floor. Getting out of the bitter weather was great.

After a wander around the shops I took the C-Train down to the Calgary Stampede Park. Every year Calgary is home to the largest stampede in the world. I had a look around the group of large buildings that house the event and discovered a place called the Grain Academy.

The Grain Academy is a small museum that tells the story of Alberta’s role in the Canadian Grain industry. The huge models of railways representing Calgary and the grain collecting communities in Alberta, the Rockies and Vancouver are very impressive.

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