February 1 - Halifax, Nova Scotia

The snowstorm had now reached Halifax but despite well below zero temperatures, heavy snow, freezing wind and fog I decided to head towards the city centre.

The first place I came to was the Halifax Citadel. This is an old fort built by the British to defend against the French. Only the main courtyard areas were open because of the time of year so I wandered around but the snow was about 1.5m deep in there so I couldn’t go far without paths!

When they built Halifax they got it right. In the centre of the city, all the main office buildings have shops underneath or on the ground floors which are all connected by tunnels from the first floor to the building across the street. This allows people to wander around through 3 shopping malls and many other shops, hotels and offices without having to go outside. Perfect for a day like today.

After a good look around I went outside to the waterfront that hasn’t really changed since Halifax was built. Apart from the great explosion of 1917 when half the city was levelled. From here I saw a ferry coming through the thick fog over the harbour so I decided to take this across the bay to Dartmouth, Halifax’s twin city.

When I returned the Halifax Maritime Museum was just 1 block away so I headed there. What a fantastic place. It has won lots of awards and if you are ever in Halifax, then you have to visit this place!

I had lunch at one of the 55 pubs in the city, did some more looking around, found the bus station right on the edge of the city then headed back to the Inn where I was staying.

At around 9 I went out to a bar to get some food and sat and watched some traditional Nova Scotian live entertainment.

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