February 2 - Antigonish, Nova Scotia

I took the first bus north to the Northumberland coast to a University town called Antigonish. Pronounced An-E-Gone-Ish. The area around here looks very similar to that of the Highlands of Scotland.

The bus arrived just before midday and I wandered across town to the mall where I met a friend Amy. We met up later in the evening and went to meet some of her friends. This was quite a laugh!

We all headed out at about 11pm to a bar called the Piper’s Pub. A very lively atmosphere in there and because hardly anyone smokes in Canada it was not like a British bar or club which is filled with smoke. Bars here also stay open till around 2 or 3am. A good time was had by all and by the time I got to bed I was sooo tired.

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