February 8 - Saint John, New Brunswick

The map of Saint John I have is a bit messed up. Where it says the hotel is, is completely wrong and I almost headed off in the complete wrong direction this morning. Luckily I thought that the map didn’t really make sense so was able to find where I was going without a problem.

Saint John has malls like Halifax and Toronto where they are located under office buildings and all linked together with walkways and tunnels. One of the malls called Market Square is a must see. This is a very beautiful building which also houses the New Brunswick Museum. I had a look around here and it is a little strange. They have just about everything in there. Some interesting, some not.

I took a taxi across to West Saint John in the afternoon to go to the Moosehead Country Store which is part of the Moosehead Brewery, Canada’s oldest and largest Canadian owned brewery. Unfortunately the brewery was closed to visitors because of the season.

I walked to the Carleton Martello Tower and then headed back towards the city. From the bridge I could see the famous Reversing Falls. This is where the highest tides in the world meet the Saint John River. The tidal change is over 8.5m, higher than a 2 floor house! I crossed the bridge as the tide was going out and could see massive white water rapids and whirlpools.

Tomorrow I am going to Quebec. This will take 13 hours on the bus from here. I will be in Quebec City while the famous Quebec Winter Carnival is in full fling!

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