February 9 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

I arrived in Fredericton, the small capital of the New Brunswick province, around noon. This gave me a few hours in which to explore. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the wind was calm and the temperature was at the highest yet, well, -7 Celsius. That is still the warmest yet and it is beginning to feel warm!

I had a quick lunch and then headed to the farmer’s market that is held once a week in each town in the province from 6am until 1pm every Saturday. The one in Fredericton was bustling with people and was quite a pleasant atmosphere.

After this I went for a wander around the town, down towards the Saint John river which is completely frozen solid right now and then along through the military compound that is filled with new and old military buildings.

I sat reading in the bus station for a little while, the sun coming through the huge windows making the place very warm. It was quite an odd feeling seeing waist deep snow up against the glass outside and snow blowing off the roofs across the street. Not that I am complaining!

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