February 12 - Quebec City to Montreal, Quebec

I checked out of my hotel room today to be presented with a 54 page bill that totalled $234,000 (about £100,000!) Fortunately this was a computer error!

From the incredible Quebec Central Station I took the train to Montreal. Trains in Canada are very different to that of the UK. There are very few of them but they are also much more comfortable. Standard class is the same as the UK first class but with a lot more leg room.

After the unexpected safety demonstration the train departed, slowly. Trains here are slow! I think the top speed was about 90kph!

3 hours later I arrived in the modern interior of Montreal Gare Centrale (Central Station). Having already heard that most of the city is accessible by underground walkways that look much like that of an endless shopping mall, I headed to the direction of McGill Metro Station stopping for food on the way.

The Metro took me east to Saint Laurent (Saint Lawrence) which is on the same block as the hotel I was staying at.

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