February 14 - Montreal, Quebec to Ottawa, Ontario

After checking out of the hotel, where I had decided to rent a small apartment for my stay in Montreal, I walked the 4 or 5 blocks to the bus terminal. After a breakfast of muffins I waited for the express bus to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

The 3 hour bus journey was quite uneventful and the snow that was swept up by the wind restricted the view considerably. This area of the country is quite flat and I past by a lot of farms.

Arriving at the Ottawa bus station I was supposed to meet a friend (Jenn) at her apartment in the south of the city. The taxi driver didn’t seem to really know the way but I got there in the end.

Jenn and I headed back into the city centre where Ottawa was celebrating their winter festival called Winterlude. Many ice sculptures filled the parkland areas around the canal and in front of the city hall huge snow sculptures dominated the snow-covered car park.

In the evening Jenn and I met up with her boyfriend Rob and went out to a Mexican place downtown for some dinner.

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