January 29 - Toronto, Ontario

I walked for miles today! All around the city from my hotel in Cabbage Town south through downtown to the Waterfront.

At the waterfront I decided to go up the CN Tower. Always an awesome experience being at such a great height in the world's tallest building.

From there I went along the harbour front to a crafts centre which allows local crafts people to have workshops and use the facilities there. Visitors can wander through around the edges to see what is being made. Quite an interesting place although there were only a few people there.

I headed north on Spadina Ave to China town. Now this is not a China Town like the ones in the UK. There is a fairly touristy part to it, but as I headed west, it was just Chinese people and nothing in English. Lunch was soo cheap, $5.75, which is about 2.50! And that included a lot of stuff which tasted amazing.

After that I headed along University Ave to the Parliament building and then went back to the Eaton Centre right in the heart of the city. This is a beautiful mall, with hundreds of shops in a long glass roofed building. It is always nice to sit by the fountains where many people go to relax due to its peacefulness despite being in a big mall in the centre of the city.

After dinner I went to Nathan Phillips Square which is where the City Hall is located and there is a large frozen pond that attract many iceskaters. This was interesting to watch for a while.

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