January 30 - Toronto, Ontario

Another Tim Horton's breakfast got me off to a good start!

There was a crazy shooting north of the hotel last night where someone was shot after getting into a fight and the gunman chased them down the street shooting. This is very unusual for Toronto and indeed Canada, where crime is very low and it is safe to go just about anywhere at anytime.

After giving some students directions (??!!) I wandered down into the financial district of the city located around Bay street and King street. I visited the Toronto Stock Exchange which was quite an experience and then discovered a huge complex of shops under the entire financial district. There are 12 city buildings where the basements have all been turned into various shops and connected together. It is like being in 5 different malls underground.

This was good because it was, what was described as, 'an unusually warm -2 degrees'. Apparently that is warm for this time of year. It didn't feel too cold though which is good.

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