January 31 - Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia

This morning I woke up to what was described on CTV (Canadian Television) as 'record breaking snowfall'. Perhaps not the best day to be flying to Halifax!

Trudging down the street to the bus terminal, about 1km from the hotel, was quite a mission. Toronto City gets a lot of grief from residents about the efficiency of their snowploughs. This was all too apparent because not a single street or sidewalk had been cleared all the way through downtown to the bus terminal.

The snowfall just got heavier and heavier while I stood waiting for the airport bus. Another girl who was waiting for the bus told me that it didn't go direct but stopped at every hotel on the way. It was 10.00 am and my flight left at 12.30am. I decided to take a taxi to the airport instead.

Fortunately the driver was a really nice guy and also a very safe driver. The expressway to the airport had not been cleared at all either. The snow as so deep that cars and vans were getting stuck in the middle of the road. We took the expressway west for about 1.5 hours until we could get to side streets. Some of these had been cleared by local residents making it easier to get to the airport, which we did just in time.

Nearly all the flights going out had been cancelled. Argghhh!

There was no way I was going to go back into the city at my own expense after all the hassle of getting to the airport. I managed to get onto a flight going to Montreal instead. Right direction, kind of! I also helped a group of students who were also trying to get to Halifax. They were going to have to buy new tickets but we managed to get them onto a flight at no cost too.

The plane left just after 5.30pm and was sent to the airport de-icing centre. This is quite an experience. A lot of specially designed vehicles come and spray the aircraft to remove any ice before takeoff. Not seen that before.

It only took 45 minutes to Montreal and after being de-iced there we flew to Halifax.

I took the airport bus into town and the driver said he would take me directly to the hotel which was really nice of him. I was so exhausted and went straight to bed.

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