May 02 - Edmonton to Jasper, Alberta

It was an early start to get packed and head off to the new location of Edmonton VIA Rail Station. The sun was shining which was nice, especially because the train was an hour late so I sat on the platform instead of in the crapped waiting room. I think the free donuts and coffee had a bit of pull!

When the train finally arrived it got no further than an hour out of Edmonton when with a sudden stop the train broke down. It turns out the brake hose that links the 3 engines to the rest of the train had broke setting off the brakes on all of the cars. Due to a sudden stop 3 people were injured and one was ambulanced to hospital in Edmonton.

After a 2 and a half hour wait the train got underway and with no more events was on the way to Jasper. Crossing the edge of the Prairies the wheat fields turned to bush, the bush turned to forest and then as the train came over a hill the Rocky Mountains were in sight. And what a sight that was. The huge foothills of the Rockies, at over 2000m each rose up from the flat lands around. The train followed the Athabasca River from Hinton through tunnels and around cliffs.

The wildlife appeared out of nowhere with Elk standing just metres away from the train as it passed by. Coming into Jasper many people were eager to get off the train for food or to where they were staying. I jumped off and walked the couple of streets to the tourist home I had arranged accommodation at. The small town’s charm was immediately apparent.

It was getting late so I didn’t get a chance to explore very much but I had a quick wander around the town and a bite to eat.

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