May 07 - Vancouver to Victoria, British Columbia

I woke to a breakfast of eggs and the sun shining through the balcony patio doors. No more ‘Jasper weather’. Perhaps summer has arrived again. Colleen drove me from their home in Port Coquitlam to Hertz Rent-a-car in New Westminster where Jim dropped off the car we rented from Jasper. From there we headed from to downtown Vancouver.

The West Coast Air floatplane terminal was the same as all the others on the dock, just a port-a-cabin style building with a few business people waiting on the deck in the sun for the next flight. It wasn’t long before we boarded the twin engine Otter floatplane.

After the 8 or 9 passengers squeezed into the extra small seats the plane quickly picked up speed in Vancouver Harbour before gently lifting off. The plane circled over North Vancouver on the north shore of the harbour before turning back and flying over Stanley Park, Kitsilano and Vancouver International Airport.

The flight over the Gulf Islands changed direction so we flew over the Saanich area of Vancouver Island and down to the very south of the Island. The plane began to drop rapidly just over Esquimalt Harbour where Canada’s Pacific Naval Fleet are based. We flew feet above the water before touching down on the calm water of Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

As I disembarked the aircraft I headed along the harbour side to Hyack Air Terminal which Jim owns and where I was to meet up with his sons Marty and Daniel.

Marty was behind the desk in the sweltering office bobbing up and down on the side of the harbour. Dan arrived shortly after. He and I headed back to their apartment on the other side of the harbour overlooking Victoria.

Later in the afternoon Dan and I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to a cinema to see the movie “Spider-Man”. Arriving at the movie theatre we were greeted by a solitary man standing at the front doors with a picket sign stating “bring your own concession”. After purchasing a $3.00 bottle of water (normally $1.00) I saw ‘picket-man’s’ point.

Spider-Man was good fun and was the main focus of the discussion between Dan and I as we headed back to the harbour.

We ended up at the Royal British Columbia Museum where the National Geographic IMAX theatre is located. For those who have never experienced an IMAX theatre, they are huge screen (usually the same as an 8 storey building) and show documentaries and other movies of an educational theme designed for IMAX screens. Dan and I decided to see another movie, back-to-back, but at least at the IMAX the movies are educational. The movie we saw was called “Gold Rush” about the surge of prospectors looking for gold in the Yukon Territory of north western Canada in the late 1800s. It also followed a lone prospector who still surveys they vast, impressive terrain today looking for gold.

A quick drive around and a parking ticket later, Dan and I headed back to the apartment and a feast of spaghetti and meatballs.

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