May 08 - Victoria, British Columbia

After a good night sleep Dan and I headed out along the highway north of Victoria to Butchart Gardens. The sun was out again and the temperature made for a pleasant drive out of the city and through the narrower country roads lined with trees and green fields.

The car park at Butchart Gardens was filled with cars from as far south as Texas, as far east as Ontario and all over the USA and Canada.

We spent a few hours wandering around the beautiful gardens built by Mr and Mrs Butchart many years ago. The site used to be a quarry and was converted by a couple who moved to the site. I don’t know much more about the gardens but they are massive and a very beautiful place to visit. The amount of people there meant it was not such a peaceful place to be.

Dan and I grabbed a bite to eat in the over priced café before driving back into Victoria. It was only 5pm and the sun was still quite high in the sky so we decided to take a drive around the small city.

We ended up at the beach over looking the strait leading the to Pacific just on the horizon. From here Orcas (Killer Whales) are frequently seen from the shore. The lack of whale watching boats in the area was indication that the whales were in another area of the waters around the south of the island.

A Bald Eagle flew over a head as crows and gulls were mobbing it. Another eagle was flying just over the ocean presumably looking for fish to feed on. Bald Eagles and Orcas both feed on the migrating Salmon that head from the Ocean up the rivers in British Columbia to spawn. The Grizzly Bears are well known for fishing the salmon from the rivers and so are the Black Bear on Vancouver Island.

We collected Marty from Hyack as we headed back home. Marty once again cooked up a feast before we all crashed for the night.

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