May 09 - Victoria to Vancouver, British Columbia

Dan and I headed down to the harbour but this time we went to see the Under Sea Gardens located in the water of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. A variety of fish and plant life is easily viewed through a building built on the edge of the harbour designed to give a unique view to the life going on under the surface of the water.

The many species of fish and a pretty big octopus were as inquisitive as the people peering through the glass at them. It didn’t take very long to have a look around and after the scuba diving presentation we walked back along the busy dock filled with traders and people relaxing in the sun on benches and grassy areas.

Our wandering took us past the Provincial Legislative building, just across the street from the harbour, and past the museum. We ended up at Victoria’s oldest building called Helmcken House and has remained unchanged since its construction in the 1840s.

By the time we got back to the Hyack terminal on the harbour, Marty and 2 others working there had retreated from the heat of the office to outside in the sun. I stayed just a short time before heading over to the HeliJet building where the Victoria heliport operates.

It wasn’t long before I boarded one of HeliJet’s newest fleet member, a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. Four business people heading to Vancouver also boarded and after a short and unusual safety demonstration we quickly headed off. The flight took me over the harbour and around the south of the island, north over the Gulf Islands and over downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver was as warm and sunny as Victoria. The helicopter landed right downtown next took Canada Place on the waterfront. From here it was only 5 blocks to the hotel I had reserved so I took a walk through the streets shaded by the downtown skyscrapers.

I dumped my stuff in the hotel room and immediately headed out back the way I came to the waterfront. From here I walked along the Trans Canada Trail, which follows the harbour edge around to Stanley Park. The Trans Canada Trail is a route of roads, waterways, paths, snowmobile tracks and bike routes that cross 16,000km across Canada.

I had dinner on a restaurant patio over looking the many yachts docked in the bay between Stanley Park and the main harbour. After this I carried on along the trail and walked around Stanley Park to the lighthouse on the north shore. From here I headed back through the park as the sun began to set and then back through the downtown area to the hotel.

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