May 11 - Vancouver, British Columbia

My first stop was to get a haircut. I found a little Barbour shop not far from the hotel. After this I walked right across the downtown area to Denmar Street to hire a bike for the day.

I cycled from Denmar Street to the waterfront and into Stanley Park. Being Saturday the park was very busy as I cycled around the trail that encompassed the entire 1000-acre park around the coastline. Lots was going on including an outside art gallery and many people learning how to roller blade, some more successfully than others. The beaches on the west side of the park were covered in people sun bathing and having a rest as they made their way around the park.

As I reached English Bay I could see yachts coming from False Creek and Kitsilano. Other people in canoes were not far from the beaches and the big container ships steamed past north of the beaches.

I carried on along the south shore of the downtown and along the side of False Creek past Science World and along the opposite shore to Granville Island. The first bit of activity at Granville Island was a junior skateboarding competition, which was attracting some interest from passers by. Various street performers, traders and hundreds of visitors to and from the city filled the streets of the busy, little leisure island.

From Granville Island I took the main roads back across to downtown over the Burrard Bridge. I had lunch from a vender on the beach by English Bay. After just a quick stop I headed back on the main roads through Yaletown and into Chinatown. Chinatown is a rather seedy area of Vancouver and many prostitutes were on the main streets despite being the middle of the day. This is also a very busy neighbourhood which still has some very unique Chinese characteristics lost in many other Chinatowns around the world. my route took me into Gastown which is one of the more tranquil districts of the city with cobble roads and street cafes. I passed the world’s only steam powered clock as I headed back downtown and to the bike rental.

I grabbed some dinner and then headed back to Chapters where I met up with Sandy who shared the rental car with me from Jasper. We met some more of her friends and spent the evening at an Irish pub in Kitsilano.

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