May 12 - Vancouver (British Columbia) (Vancouver, British Columbia to Nova Scotia Train Journey)

I packed all my things up and headed out to yet another beautiful day. The Sky Train station was only a few blocks away and from there it dropped me just across the street from Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station. I stowed my luggage and headed back onto the Sky Train to Vancouver’s east side.

I ended up at Metrotown, one of Vancouver’s huge malls. I had a quick lunch and then called my mum. Being May 12th, it is Mother’s Day in Canada. So this was my mum’s second Mother’s Day of the year due to the UK having Mother’s Day a few months earlier.

I bought a few supplies for the train journey I was about to take and then took the Sky Train back to Central Station. I had a couple of hours to spare so I spent them lying on the grass in front of the station in the park along with many other travellers with their bags and baggage trolleys.

Despite the location the small park was peaceful and an interesting place where many people of all walks of life passed through. Many homeless people passed through with their things in shopping carts often trying to sell bits and bobs to the people in the park.

Later in the afternoon I headed back into the station and eventually boarded the train.

Train Number 2, ‘The Canadian’, to Toronto, Ontario which would I would not arrive until Wednesday, more than 3 days away and just over half way to my destination in Nova Scotia.

I managed to negotiate a seat that has power outlets for my laptop from another passenger, Reggie. He was to prove an interesting passenger heading to Montreal. From the moment you see this guy you know he is something else, verging on 7ft tall a combination between a Rastafarian and Mr T. Taking the train, especially such long distances, all of the passengers have a different kind of attitude compared to those on city trains or buses. They are in no hurry to get anywhere otherwise they would have taken the much quicker and cheaper plane and all have an interesting reason as to why they are on the train.

I settled into my seat and as the train headed out through the city and suburbs, out into the Coastal Range of mountains the sun eventually set.

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