May 15 - Capreol, Sudbury, Parry Sound, Toronto (Ontario) (Vancouver, British Columbia to Nova Scotia Train Journey)

After a fairly terrible night sleep I spent the morning going back and forth between my seat and the takeout shop getting snacks.

By the time the sun was high in the sky I went up to the observation car where Michelle was working on her laptop. I sat there in a semi-conscious state as she chatted with a woman from Jamaica.

The train entered into the huge area known as the Canadian Shield. This is the name given to the forested area of Ontario, which has a solid rock surface. This was to be the view for the next 6 hours, but at least it was not the extremely repetitive Prairies.

As the train began to head south into the more populated areas of Ontario the single building settlements became clusters of buildings and the roads began to appear. By the time we arrived at Capreol, many people were glad to get off the train. Michelle and I just stayed in the train because we knew that there was not enough time to get to the nearest store and I had a new collection of take out goodies.

Vanessa and I sat and chatted at my seat as we passed through Sudbury Junction where I had boarded the train to head east a few months ago. By the time they announced dinner was being served, the 4 of us were pretty hungry.

After another interesting VIA Rail meal we headed up to the observation car where Vanessa and I had apple pie and ice cream which was a bit of a treat. It somehow took 4 members of the crew to find us to bring our food. I’m not sure what that was about.

Communities were popping up more frequently now but the wilderness was never far away. When we reached Parry Sound on the edge of the Great Lake, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay we were about an hour behind schedule.

After a quick nap, we all met up in the observation car and the train began its route entering Toronto. From the time we spotted the CN Tower on the horizon to actually getting downtown through the winding route across the east to the west of the city and into Central Station we had picked up a bit of time.

Michelle immediately disappeared off to where she was going. David and I went with Vanessa to get her luggage. When she headed off with her parents David and I went to check out the upstairs of Toronto Central Station. This is where they filmed the station scene from the X-Men movie and it was very recognisable. We saw Beth again who said she was going on the same trains as me through Montreal and on to Moncton in New Brunswick.

David was staying at a youth hostel in the financial district, so we both went there so he could off load his things and I could check my email while I waited for my train to Montreal. We were quite surprised when we got there that Reggie was there too, making a reservation for when he returned.

We sat and ate donuts and bagels in Tim Hortons before taking a quick wander through the streets of the Financial District and then back to the station.

I boarded the train heading to Montreal. Reggie was onboard too but he was taking a sleeping car this time. I couldn’t find Beth and I was so tired I just got a seat and when the passenger in front of me stopped singing to his discman, I fell asleep.

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