May 16 - Cornwall (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec) (Vancouver, British Columbia to Nova Scotia Train Journey)

I woke up as the train drew into the south eastern station of Cornwall. It was about 5am and some commuters coming from the Ottawa area going to Montreal boarded the train. I dozed off again but woke about an hour later. The train was following the highway between Ottawa and Montreal and it was clear from the signposts that the train was in the province of Quebec.

At around 8am the train terminated at Montreal’s Gare Central, which is located underground in the massive underground complex of the downtown area. I had 10 hours to wait for the next train to Halifax. After I made a phone call I noticed Beth sat at the station reading. The first thing I wanted to do was to go have a shower so I headed out to the YMCA a few blocks away where I had a shower that I waited so long for. And only for $1, you can’t go wrong there.

I headed back to the station to see if Beth was still there and she hadn’t moved at all. We both went to get some lunch in the Eaton Centre. I had a huge plate of crepes and fresh fruit. As we wandered through the underground complex we came across the Paramount Cinema and managed to get a couple of tickets to the new Star Wars Episode 2 movie.

When the movie finished we headed back to the station. I fell asleep on our pile of bags while Beth went out to explore some more of Montreal. When I woke up the line had already started forming for the train going east to Halifax. I stood in the line and waited for Beth. The boarding was delayed by 30 minutes and Beth only appeared back at the station 10 minutes before we got on the train.

This train was much busier than The Canadian. The Ocean, going through to Halifax, Nova Scotia, was fully booked so Beth and I sat next to each other as the train rapidly filled up.

I went up into the observation car to stay awake for a bit longer. When I came back, Beth had gone to watch a movie, which was being shown in another car with a girl sat across from us.

As soon as the sun began to set we both fell asleep and I managed to sleep through until dawn, which was somewhat of a miracle.

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