Eco-Experiences in Alberta

Alberta has a wide range of eco-activities. For those who really want to feel the wild west as it was long ago, visit a working ranch. There, youíll ride alongside real cowboys, and participate in the wide range of daily ranch activities and adventures, including riding fence, moving and checking cattle, feeding, and general chores. If physical strain isnít your idea of a holiday, visit a guest ranch, where you can embark on guided trail rides along old Indian trails, and learn the history of the land and the families who have been working it for many generations.

With all the water streaming down from the Rockies, there is an abundance of rapids to run. White-water rafting, especially on well-established rivers, is a thrilling experience that literally wets your pants and minimizes impact on the environment. Rapids range from smooth Class I to rollicking, heart-thumping Class IV. Kayaking, especially on the shores of Slave and Lesser Slave lakes, is a fantastic way to cruise along the waters in a non-motorized craft. There is also mountain-biking, again on well-established trails, and wilderness survival courses that teach you about low-trace camping, local history, local flora and fauna, safe fire-building, and medicinal herbs and indigenous edibles.

Regardless of the eco-experience you choose, you will leave caring more about the environment that you did before.

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