Ecotourism in British Columbia

As custodians of some of the world’s last remaining wilderness, temperate rainforests, and most fragile eco-systems, British Columbia takes environmental stewardships quite seriously. Virtually every operator in the province, from leave-no-trace hiking guides, to tour vehicles running on vegetable oil, to eco-lodges generating their own electricity, to city hotels composting their kitchen waste. Everyone is doing what they can to preserve BC’s precious ecology for future generations.

British Columbia has a large selection of eco-lodges, resorts and lodges in remote and sensitive wilderness areas. It’s pretty hard not to, when the province is the home of thousands of acres of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. All lodges and resorts strive to minimize their impact on the fragile eco-systems they inhabit, with some so far off the beaten path that they are completely self-sufficient in terms of power, water and waste disposal.

Ecotourism by Province

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