Eco-Experiences in Manitoba

When it comes to viewing wildlife, Manitoba holds the winning card. Once a year, for only a few months, you can watch majestic polar bears in their natural habitat as they swim, roll, frolic, and laze about in the vast Arctic shores of the Hudson Bay. From the safety of a tundra buggy, you can get as close as four inches, as these giant creatures roam their terrain and maybe even put their massive paws on your window. This is a breath-taking, unique experience that allows you to fully connect with the lives, habitat, and history of these incredible creatures.

As if polar bears arenít enough, you can paddle out to sea from Churchill, and watch exquisite beluga whales, which from far away, look like rolling blocks of ice, or abandoned hulls of ships. Literally thousands of friendly, playful beluga whales migrate along the coast of the Hudson Bay, sometimes gathering at the mouth of the Churchill River, where they feed, mate and give birth to calves before returning to the Arctic Ocean in the fall. Using a transparent kayak to watch these magnificent animals is the best, least-invasive way to protect their breeding patterns and respect their environment.

There are also playful Harp seals, caribou, red and Arctic foxes, wolves and many species of birds to view as well.

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