National Parks and Reserves in Newfoundland & Labrador

Over one thousand square kilometres of pristine wilderness awaits your exploration at Avalon Wilderness Reserve. This is sanctuary for a medley of wildlife and plant species. The caribou herd, passes through the reserve, is Canada’s most southerly, containing some of the world’s largest caribou.

A deep river gorge with two cascading waterfalls provides a scenic setting for photographs and inspiration at Cataracts Provincial Park. Stairs and walkways protect the land and its flora and fauna, and enable visitors to descent the gorge and cross the river. Visit and see if you can find the many varieties of mosses and liverworts.

For a glimpse of the rare indigenous coniferous tree species of Newfoundland, head to West Brook Ecological Reserve. While you’re at it, head to Watt’s Point Ecological Reserve for the opportunity to see many species of plants not found anywhere else in Newfoundland.

To view a unique natural rock archway that has been carved out by tidal action, visit Arches Provincial Park.

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