Eco-Experiences in Nova Scotia

Visit beautiful, breath-taking Cape Breton, with endless rolling hills that seem to echo the melodic haunting sounds of old Scottish bagpipes. Dig into fresh Atlantic food, bring out the tartan and inhale the salty tang of the sea air. Do all this on foot, and feel even better about your vacation, as you tromp through the natural beauty of the island, knowing you are actively reducing your carbon footprint. Scott Walking Adventures puts almost every other adventure company to shame, as they passionately protect the environment while they guide thousands of visitors over, under and around forests, beaches and mountains. As die-hard fans of the “no-trace” hiking policy, they actively foster environmental awareness through seminars, focus groups, and on their guided explorations.

There are also a variety of whales and birds to view, both in the water by kayak, or just from land. Look for the puff of water off in the distance and you’ll know you’ve just seen a passing humpback whale on its annual migration route.

Ecotourism by Province

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