National Parks and Reserves in Quebec

More and more, Quebecers are looking for ways to preserve and promote a deeper understanding of their vast natural heritage. In fact, the provincial and federal governments have created some 27 national parks in an effort to preserve the regionís most representative specimens and to offer the public the pleasure of exploring these vast expanses of wilderness.

Over the years, park administrators have developed a keen interest in the interpretation of the regionís rich flora and fauna, placing special emphasis on educating visitors who come to explore these privileged areas, and raising their awareness of the sanctity of these natural habitats.

Eight national wildlife reserves also testify to this commitment to the environment, including the well-known Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Preserve, the age-old stopover of snow geese and other migratory birds. Quebec is also home to four UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserves: Mont Saint-Hilaire, Charlevoix, Lac Saint-Pierre, and Manicouagan-Uapishka.

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