Sustainability in Saskatchewan

For a province well-known for its vast prairie lands and blue-bird skies, Saskatchewan is showing that it can pull its weight in helping the country reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The small town of Craik, in south central Saskatchewan, is reducing its ecological footprint with the creation of an eco-village a new sustainable housing development that will have several families living sustainably on separate lots.

The Eco-Centre is testimony itself to the environmental efforts of Craik. It was built using recycled materials, with beams donated from an elevator company that was set for demolition, and an oven made from 3,000 bricks that were recycled from a demolished school in Craik in 1988. Large windows encourages solar heating, and the insulation between walls is straw from a local farm. The centre is a community-shared place to promote environmental programs or public meetings and events.

The city of Regina is doing its part, too, reducing its emissions by twelve percent. It has converted streetlights to high-pressure sodium vapour, and is in the process of converting its vehicle fleet from gasoline to compressed natural gas. It is also improving the efficiency of its water supply system and sewage treatment plants.

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