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Farm and artisan markets

Alberta Farmers' Market Association
Alberta's official association for farmers' markets. The website provides information for both vendors and consumers. Find out where and when the next farmers' market is in Alberta.

BC Association of Farmers' Markets
In every corner of British Columbia you can find farmers' markets. Discover this diverse collection of local producer vendors.

Granville Island
The Granville Island Public Market is Vancouver’s hub of epicurean delight. Browse the exotic array of crisp, garden-fresh produce which overflows each vendor’s stall—from luscious berries in season, to delicate Japanese eggplant. Look for displays of fresh Coho salmon and giant prawns on beds of ice. Breathe in the delicious scent of just-from-the-oven bagels mixing with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee and pungent cheeses from around the world. The Public Market provides the very best of fresh food for the expert chef, as well as those who love to eat! It is a great source of local produce, homemade products and unusual ingredients for exotic recipes. Wild fiddleheads, pine mushrooms, seaweed, stinging nettles—the list is endless.