Carbon offsets

What is a Carbon Offset?
A “carbon offset” occurs when an individual or organization emits a given amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) but invests in measures that will pull the equivalent volume of GHG out of the atmosphere or prevent other emissions from taking place at all.

Who is Offsetters?
Offsetters was established in 2005 by two professors from the University of British Columbia and has since become Canada’s top provider of high quality solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to reduce their climate impact. It offers comprehensive services in greenhouse gas inventory development, reduction measures, reporting tools, and high quality carbon offsets. Its primary offset focus is the creation of new renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that would not have taken place without its involvement.

Where does the money from offsets go?
Offsetters believes that your purchase of offsets should do more than just offset your direct emissions. It should also promote the mainstream adoption of next generation energy systems to get us out of the climate crisis we have created. Therefore, Offsetters funds are invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that enable developers and property owners to install low greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting systems in place of traditional systems with high GHG emissions. Because the low GHG system would not have been adopted without Offsetters’ investment, this investment is an offset.

Offsetters most recent domestic offset projects include installing biomass boilers and energy trapping curtains in a commercial greenhouse and the installation of ground-source heat pumps at five residential and community-based facilities in British Columbia. Offsetters domestic projects are all third-party verified by AD Williams Engineering Ltd.

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