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Sustainable travel tips

Offset your flight, ferry, bus or car travel by buying carbon offset credits. You can contribute towards carbon neutral and carbon reduction projects to directly offset the carbon emissions you generate from your travel.

Taking the train or bus reduces the amount of carbon emissions by three to seven times when compared to flying.

If you do fly take the most direct route with least number of layovers as possible. The worst carbon emissions occur during take-offs and landings.

Flying economy doesn’t just mean a lower cost fare but the less room you take up on a plane means the more room there are for people.

Travel shorter distances and consider staying closer to home. The shorter the distance you travel means the less carbon created from fuel being burned.

If you are driving or renting a car find out if the car rental company offers hybrids or fuel efficient vehicles. Choose the right vehicle for your vacation. Generally the larger vehicle the more fuel it burns and therefore not only does it cause more environmental damage but it will add to the cost of your vacation.