New Brunswick

The tranquil bi-lingual Maritime province

The heavily forested maritime province of New Brunswick lies between Nova Scotia and Quebec.

The St John River valley runs south along the west of the province through the industrial city of Saint John into the Bay of Fundy. Here the world's highest tides are very apparent, especially at the Reversing Falls where the tide change is so dramatic it causes rapids in the river mouth which change direction with the tide.

The province's capital, Fredericton, is a small city of just over 50,000 residents and lies in the heart of the province on the St John River.

Moncton is the gateway to both Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia making it a popular transport stop over.

Most of the north of the province is mountainous while the south and along the St John River, farming and pastoral lands occupy much of the dramatic views.

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  • Great Holidays and Outdoor Adventures in Blackville, New Brunswick
    A unique and vibrant business has recently opened up in South Cains, which is just outside of Blackville, New Brunswick. Blackville, a Village of about 1000 residents, is known as the “Salmon Fishing Capital of New Brunswick”. Many people head to Blackville and the surrounding areas from May to October annually to fish, hunt and enjoy nature at its best.
  • Life in the Bay of Fundy
    Tides are the cycle of life in oceans, seas, and bays around the world. They bring birds, whales, fish, and minute sea creatures to areas that could otherwise stagnate. With the tides come vitality and diversity in a phenomenon that continues to amaze young and old, and the Bay of Fundy is perhaps the most spectacular example of the teeming marine life and human activities the tides bring, where the power of the Atlantic Ocean and the delicacy of the smallest sea creatures meet. For local residents and tourists alike, the bay is a place to experience the natural wonders of whales and birds together with the culture that makes the eastern provinces special.
  • Sackville - One of life’s great stops
    Whether you stop by for a day or two or for the rest of your life, little Sackville has almost magical qualities of peace and contentment. Cars slow down as you cross the street. People wave hello. Bands play in the town park, the marsh breezes blow, birds sing their praises. Even time lets out a little sigh of relief.
  • Natural Wonders of New Brunswick
    The season to be outdoors is upon us and New Brunswick is an excellent province to explore the marvels of nature. It is a land of natural enigmas, and the Bay of Fundy, located in the southern part of the province, sets the stage and the tone, with its ability to boast the highest tides in the world. Twice a day, over ten billion tonnes of water swirl and churn into the bay, eroding away the land and creating a vibrant home for thousands of marine plants and animals. With tides rising as high as forty-five feet, and falling as low as two feet, all in the span of twenty-four hours, it is no wonder that thousands of people visit the Bay of Fundy each year.
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