Visitor attractions in Fredericton

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  • Ducks unlimited Conservation Centre
    Ducks Unlimited Centre is a great place to learn about the wonders of wetlands and why wetlands are important to wildlife, people and a healthy environment.
  • Fredricton Botanic Garden
    The Garden entrance through the colourful shrub plantings at the Prospect Street parking lot leads to mature perennial beds and beyond to further shrub plantings, ponds, woodland trails and outstanding views across the river.
  • Kings Landing Historical Village
    At Kings Landing visitors are immersed in the sights, sounds, colours, and personalities which heralded the transformation of a young colony into a vibrant nation.
  • Old Government House
    This National and Provincial Historic Site, built in 1828, has been gloriously restored to its earlier splendour and is again the official residence and office of the Province's Lieutenant-Govenor.

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